Wine Glass Collection from Jaton Glassware Fetches Outstanding Global Demand


Shanxi, China (July 14, 2019) - It is believed and rightfully too, that glasses play a substantial role in enhancing or compromising the taste of wine. This is perhaps the reason that has motivated Jaton Glassware, the leading glassware supplier China, to innovate their wine glass collection to meet and exceed expected global standards.

With a massive customer base stretching all the way from Australia and New Zealand to UK, Ireland, India, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and counting, this proactive glassware supplier is all set to rule the global glassware market with over 2200 products covering 31 different categories. As far as wine glasses are concerned, the level of innovation is not only relevant in terms of quality but in terms of unmatched aesthetics as well.

Currently counted among the best wine glass supplier in the world, Jaton Glassware offers exquisitely crafted goblets that boast opulent gold rims, gold plating, tinting, decal, painting, frosting, carving and more that make them perfectly suited to general and elite wine connoisseurs alike.

About Jaton Glassware 
Jaton Glassware is one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of glassware that is based in Shanxi China. The company is widely reputed for living up to exceptional quality standards be it in their exclusive wine glass collection or other products like kitchen glassware, decorative vases and more.

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