Krojamsoft Inc. Offers the User-Friendly Software to Fix Issue for Long Path Files


Santa Clara, CA (November 21, 2019) – For those looking for software to fix issue for long path files, they will find the Long Path Tool offered by KrojamSoft Inc. to be the most user-friendly application.

This tool in addition to helping the users to delete the files with a long path and long file name, which is otherwise hard, also helps them to rename such files, which is yet another issue faced by the users of Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

Files with long path and even long file names will show the issue “File cannot be copied” when a user tries to do the same. But, with this tool to fix issue for long path files, this issue can be resolved with ease in a jiffy.

Yet another error message in most operating systems is “Cannot Delete File: Access is denied” can also be handled with ease using this user-friendly tool with an excellent set of features. In some instances, users get the error message called “There has been a sharing violation”. This issue can also be handled using the Long Path Tool from KrojamSoft Inc.

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KrojamSoft Inc. has the right expertise in software development. The company has developed many software programs with the intention to make Windows life easier.

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