Beannul Harper Plans to Buy Farmland to Help Feed Hungry Students


Beannul Harper, the founder of the non-profit I’M ALL IN, plans to buy farmland of ten acres or more to grow organic fruits and vegetables.

He plans to sell organic produce to grocery stores to raise funds for I’M ALL IN, which will put food in the mouths of students who can’t afford lunch at school.

By doing this, he will expand opportunities for his nonprofit and for students in California and beyond.

He says it won’t be an easy task, but that it’s necessary to keep his non-profit growing.

Harper wants his organization in every state in the U.S.

Harper says the community has been supportive of his vision and that everyone wants to help solve food insecurity issues in Los Angeles.

I’M ALL in focuses on reduced school lunches for students and providing free lunches to students.

The organization’s ultimate goal is to pay for student’s lunches who are having issues with lunch money.

It all started when Harper’s son came home from school without any lunch credits because he had been paying for another less fortunate student.

The actions of his own son inspired Harper to start the organization, which has received a lot of publicity from U.S. based news outlets and blogs within the past few months.

The organization, and Beannul himself also focuses on advocacy and spreading awareness about hunger and food insecurity in California.

Harper says every student should be entitled to free school lunches.

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If you’d like to learn more about I’M ALL IN, you can visit:

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